lily comba

Let's talk about Lily. 

She's hard to miss. Whether it's her bright wardrobe, 5'11" height, or sociable personality, Lily creates a warm, inclusive environment wherever goes. She bakes a killer cookie and looks forward to her long runs on the weekend (yes, she's one of those people, and you'll love her for it). But when she's not laughing, cooking, or running — she's helping businesses go from ordinary to incredible.

How this all started

With years of work experience in media and a passion for branding, Lily made the leap into the world of entrepreneurship when she began feeling like a hypocrite. Wait, what? You thought bios were supposed to be positive, right? 

Lily used to preach a saying she learned from one amazing woman, that went like this: "If not me, who? If not now, when?" Lily tells this to her clients, from students to small business owners, but never practiced it herself. 

Until now.

How she can help your business

Lily is offering her expertise in graphic design, partnership building and business development, and social media strategy to the masses. Her professional career began in wedding planning, transitioned to advertising sales at Hearst, continued in marketing at Lionsgate, ventured into media buying at OMD, and most recently, business development for a start-up e-commerce marketplace. She's covered many bases, and can adapt to nearly every industry. And her goal will always remain the same: help others believes in their dreams and achieve their goals. And she promises to do the same for herself.

Ready to work with Lily?

She's ready to work with you, too. Jump quickly to the services you're looking for with the buttons below:


Website Design Services

Improve your website for better user experience, and much more. Or, start from scratch to give your business and complete refresh.

Newsletter + Resource Design

You’re already creating great content, now it’s time to take your advice one step further. Turn your content into downloadable resources to grow your email list and business.

Business Development

Looking to bring your expertise to new audiences and media outlets? Lily can get your word out, literally.

Content + Social Strategy

A well-curated social media platform can make-or-break a business. And having a strong brand is crucial for engagement. Get started with your content and social strategy today.