“She's very accommodating and goes above expectations"

influencer response

My business was set to launch in one week and I wasn't happy with my website.  Thankfully, Lily came to my rescue!  Not only will she make your website beautiful and professional, but she also is a fantastic copy writer.  She's very accommodating and goes above expectations as well.  Technology is not my forte, so Lily was even kind enough to help transfer and connect my domain.  I give Lily my vote of confidence!

— Josh Butowsky | CEO + Founder, Influencer Response


“I could not possibly endeavor to explain how much Lily has done for me (and so many others) through words alone.”

dorie bailey

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Lily since the very beginning of our college experience—just two young and eager first-years trying to figure out exactly what it was that we wanted to get out of life. Lily, being the opinionated, organized, and infuriatingly professional woman that she is, figured it all out rather quickly, and I was lucky enough to benefit from her can-do attitude and rigorous work ethic, most frequently in the form of a late-night panic text to her about a cover letter or a job application that I knew she could help me perfect. At this point, Lily has probably helped me tailor my resume so many times that she could probably list every working opportunity and skill I’ve picked up in the last 10 years of my life without even blinking an eye—she’s just that good, folks!

Though it’s hard to believe, it’s now been over two years since our graduation, and Lily is still my rock when it comes to sending out any professional or career-oriented materials. It would take more than a few pairs of hands to count out how many times she has helped me through some stressful “adulting” situations, from her time as a Career Consultant at Scripps’ Office of Career Planning & Resources (where I literally spent my lunch with her almost every day in order to fully soak up any and all of the advice, both professional and personal, she could offer), to her post-grad work with Ask For It, when she successfully coached me through asking (and receiving!) a raise at my office.

Though I have tried with the above, I could not possibly endeavor to explain how much Lily has done for me (and so many others) through words alone. Her true passion for helping others, combined with the resourcefulness and quick-thinking she applies to every task she completes, has made her not only one of my most trusted friends, but also an invaluable professional asset that I know I should probably utilize more. I could forever sing her praises, but she doesn’t need me to do that; her rather impressive resume and list of accomplishments should tell you more than you need to know about what she can bring to the table. The fact that she is hilarious, kind, and wholly invested in the work she does is just the icing on the cake! 

— Dorie Bailey | Editorial Manager, Prospect Park Books

“Captivated by her vision and enthusiasm for helping me take my project to the next level”

lily comba

Lily and I go way back to being in college together, and when she found out about my new blog and lifestyle brand that I was developing called Yes Queen, I remember being so captivated by her vision and enthusiasm for helping me take my project to the next level. From website design to email design to product design, once Lily gets a firm sense of what you are looking for, she really runs with it and makes it with your eye in mind. One of the things I love about working with her is how easy she is to work with, her quick delivery, and her amazing communication skills. I can always trust that what she brings to the table will make me shout back "YAAASS QUEEN!" 

Daysha Veronica | CEO + Founder, Yes Queen

“Helps me recognize my worth in the career world.”

olivia butze

Lily has not only been a great mentor, but also one of my biggest advocates. Since I first spoke with her four months ago, she has been extremely communicative. She constantly reaches out with contacts or opportunities for which she sees me fit, encourages me to apply for positions I believe are beyond my talent level (which, as a woman, is all too common), and helps me recognize my worth in the career world. I have turned to her time and time again for advice and networking and she always responds in a timely manner with enthusiasm and great feedback! I am so appreciative of all she has done!

— Olivia Butze | Founder, Straight to the Butze

"What she accomplished in a few hours was amazing."

I had procrastinated launching a web site for my studio practice for too many years, a result of likely both laziness and reluctance to tackle what seemed to be a daunting amount of work.  Lily’s guidance, decisiveness, and clarity of design helped me wade through the confusion of “too many choices” and kept me focused and on track. What she accomplished in a few hours was amazing and I find myself even more focused on continuing to build upon the web site she created. Don’t let any perceived bias fool you. I’ve worked with numerous artists and graphic designers during my career Lily’s ability to build and collaborate are top notch.

– Steve Comba | Artist + Associate Director and Registrar, Pomona College Museum of Art


“Lily is not only incredibly sharp and business savvy, but she is genuine and kind-hearted.”

emily longley

I first met Lily Comba at Scripps College’s Career Counseling office. I had visited the campus’ office before, but after my first meeting with Lily, I became a regular, continually seeking her career advice and mentorship. Lily is not only incredibly sharp and business savvy, but she is genuine and kind-hearted. Throughout my college career, even after she graduated, Lily has remained my go-to mentor and friend regarding career advice. 

She has helped me revise application materials (i.e., resume, cover letter), talk through strategic career decisions, and identify industries and professions which highlight my talents. I cannot recommend Lily more highly!

— Emily Longley | Communications Marketing, Edelman