Be more than a millennial. Be a social media strategist. Even better: Have Lily be that person for you — she has grows audiences, analyzes metrics, increases SEO, and curates unique social media content.


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If you’re just starting out with social media or want a refresh, Lily can help you reach your goals. You will get:

  • Audit of Current Social Media Stats

  • Review of Current Social Media Strategies

  • Recommendations for Optimal Social Media Growth

    • Choosing a Brand Theme, Targeted Hashtags, Account Names

    • Caption Guidelines

  • Implementation of New Strategies

price: dependent upon needs, starting at $250


If you’re producing strong content, but want to adapt it for social media, Lily can help. You will get:

  • Audit of Current Content

  • Organization of Current Content (if needed)

  • Theme Ideation and Category Recommendations

  • Social Media Strategies for Curated Content

price: dependent upon needs, starting at $300


You’re producing great content, have a strong social media presence, and are ready to create an online course. Congrats! With Lily’s help, you will get:

  • Assistance with Course Content and Course Branding

  • Building a Communications Calendar and Scheduling Social Media Posts

  • Developing an Affiliate Program to Increase Course Visibility

  • Set Up of Online Course (if needed)

price: dependent upon needs, starting at $500

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ask for it


Ask For It was founded in 2014 with the mission to "foster confidence and inspiration in leadership and life." By teaching negotiation skills to teams, organizations, and anyone who needs to ask for more — CEO and Founder Alexandra Dickinson has had a huge impact on hundreds of lives (not to mention, working to close the gender wage gap).


Lily increased Ask For It's following, exemplified with the below numbers:

Instagram: On an average monthly basis, following increased by 4.55%. The highest growth rate over the course of six months was 11.47%


Twitter: On an average monthly basis, following increased by 101.75%. The highest growth rate over the course of seven months was 103.66%


Facebook: On an average monthly basis, following increased by 93%. The highest growth rate over the course of 13 months was 101.24%. 


To increase the following as such, Lily employed the below tactics:

  • Curated unique content for each platform, based on platform algorithms and follower demographics.

  • Implemented strategic use of hashtags and engaged with follower comments.

  • Developed a daily posting schedule for all platforms. This consisted of adapting content that Alexandra had written for optimal reading on social media — breaking articles into mini series, introducing themed weeks, and Instagram stories.

  • Created a system for tracking social metrics that was updated on a monthly basis or after large media pushes for online courses and media features.


The biggest, and most impactful, change that Lily assisted Alexandra with on social media was curated content. This required adapting the content Alexandra was already writing, and making it suitable to be read on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Lily instituted the below strategies to curate unique content that caught the attention of new and existing followers:

  • Transitioned all social media scheduling to Hootsuite and Later.

  • Created a posting calendar based on peak engagement hours.

  • Using one article for a multi-post series. For example, "5 opportunities you can negotiate for that aren't money" was broken down into five days — each day presenting a new piece of advice. These series culminated in an end-of-week Instagram story that directed followers to the article.

  • Used multiple articles for themed weeks and months. For example — During the fall, Lily scheduled content around Performance Reviews, as studies show that the fall and winter are when annual reviews are most often.

  • Outside of multi-post series and themed weeks or months, Lily and Alexandra also created daily topics for each week. For example — Mondays would feature an inspirational quote, Tuesday would be an event highlight, and so on.

All of these strategies increased engagement, and thereby increased follower growth. Sharing content also secured Alexandra's position as an industry leader in the career consulting space.


Secrets To Negotiation Success is an online course "with the inside info you need to achieve your goals — from how to overcome objections to how to ask for it." Lily assisted Alexandra with:

  • Developing the course curriculum and all course branding.

  • Organizing each video segment and curating a script.

  • Designing a comprehensive communications calendar for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

  • Growing an affiliate program to reach more audiences, approximately 200-300 people new to Ask For It.

 Learn more about the finished course by clicking the image below.