Resume Review 

Does your resume need a refresh? Are you applying for a new job and want to target your resume properly? A resume review with Lily includes:

  • Complete copy revisions, including strategies to quantify and qualify your experiences, copy and grammar edits, and story telling recommendations.

  • Formatting insight and design assistance to take your resume from ordinary to captivating.

Price: $75

Resume Review + Cover Letter Consultation

Tell the story of your career in a compelling and we-must-hire-this-person fashion. With this package, you will receive a resume review and assistance on crafting the perfect cover letter, which specifically includes:

  • All criteria listed under Resume Review.

  • Advice on how to craft your career experience into a concise and understandable narrative.

  • Creative copy writing and structure suggestions — What should you say, and when should you say it?

  • Formatting insight and design assistance to match with your resume.

Price: $150

Resume Review, Cover Letter Consultation, + Job Search Advising

If you're ready and motivated to make an informed change in your career, this package is for you. You will receive:

  • All criteria listed under Resume Review + Cover Letter Consultation.

  • A deep dive into your LinkedIn profile to make improvements that align with the updates to your resume.

  • Strategies to utilize LinkedIn to the fullest extent, including optimizing groups, reaching out to and messaging new connections, and strategies for applying to job listings.

  • Informational interview guidance, we will look into individuals you should contact and the questions you should ask.

  • Interview strategies to help you feel confident, including one practice interview and solidifying your elevator pitch.

Price: $250

Not ready to commit? Contact Lily for a free 15 minute consultation.