featured in Career Contessa: 3 Women On What It’s Like to Re-Enter The Workplace After Incarceration

“Re-entering the workplace after taking time off is difficult.

I know from personal experience —though not exactly my own. My mom was a full-time stay-at-home mom for nearly 13 years when I was growing up, a decision that I learned about in depth when I interviewed her earlier this year. Stories about women defying the odds and doing the unthinkable, such as joining the workforce after unforeseen or longer-than-planned time off, is inspiring beyond words.

…I spoke with Cecile, Kamilah, and Jennifer to learn about their experiences in the workplace post-incarceration. We covered the hardships they’re overcoming, the successes they’ve achieved, and why workplace culture needs to make room for diversity. We can all learn from their stories—previously incarcerated or not—because once we start listening to each other and open our minds, we can start making real change.”

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